The first studio single remix album by singer songwriter Geinos. Discover lo-fi electronic dance waves that will make your body move, crackling magnetic beats, power-driven to make you groove. Including both English and French versions with four additional remixes. Touch or click your favorite place for music… Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play MusicPandora, QobuziHeartRadioNapster, Jango, Deezer, SoundCloud, Yandex & Discogs or with lyrics in French or English on Genius! Officially released March 20 2020. Featuring remixes by Myko, Mindy McGovern and ET, additional vocals by Mindy McGovern and Sam Black. Artwork by Francisco Morales.


Bringing wit and wonder, Geinos’ I Want To Do Your Hair manages to find a tone that is deadly serious and completely humorous

– balanced solidly on a bed of thick EDM drum and bass.  Simplistic in theme and straightforward in message, I Want To Do Your Hair manages to turn Geinos’ desire to tame manes into a massive dance vibe – immersive, inescapable, and impossible to keep still.

The backing beat for this is really solid, very playful and driving.  Nice full bass sounds and awesome sound cues throughout.  The deadpan vocal delivery and self-aware lyricism make this tune a lot of fun – easy to dance to but engaging in a more novel capacity as well!  The genuine strangeness and overall concept of the song are incredibly niche, but the confident delivery make it accessible to all!

-Jon Wright

“Come, sit in my chair,” he beckons with his sexy baritone voice, accompanied by the not-so-subtle techno beats that hit on the accentuated, drawn out request.

You comply. He has already enthralled you with a sound you’ll never be able to wash out of your hair. But you don’t care; it’s an aural salve you want to soak into your follicles, beyond your bones and grip your heart.

I want to do your hair contains exactly one song, but you wouldn’t know it as there is an English version, then it’s sung in French and even more remixes to remind you that your hair — as you believe you know it and have worn it for years — is simply a canvas, a malleable medium in his hands. He can take the image you see in the mirror and remake you.

-Gérard Mclean

I Want to Do Your Hair EP Vinyl

Geinos I Want to Do Your Hair Limited Edition Violet Vinyl Including both English and French versions with four additional remixes.



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