I’ve been a client of Geinos’s for a couple of years now. He is the most talented person that’s ever touched my hair. He listens to everything I say and he’s very attentive and wants to give you exactly what you want. His balayage skills are incredibly on point. INCREDIBLY on. point. The last time I saw him was just last week and I had a big idea, he let me send him my descriptions and pictures of different details I wanted. The idea was a collection of many separate ideas, and sure enough he created it right before my eyes. I am obsessed with my hair. He is also really great to talk to. He’s a super funny and friendly guy. He’s amazing at doing hair, and is genuinely really fun to be around. I always have such a great experience when I come here to get my hair done by Geinos. Highly recommend.


Geino in particular is a gem! I have a super sensitive kiddo who has a very unique style, but struggles to describe what he wants. Geino works with him in a masterful way. He’s a sensitive soul who does much more than cut my sons (and now my) hair. I always walk away feeling seen and heard, and on top of that, I have a great haircut.


Geino has been cutting my hair for about three years now, and his attention to personal details is never less than amazing. Every time I’m in his chair I really feel like the only thing that matters to him is that I walk away looking my best. After a cut with Geino, I look great and feel like the world is a little more beautiful. He cuts with love!


Geinos is the best! He does a beautiful job on my hair (cuts and highlights) and is such a happy, positive person that I always leave there with a smile on my face. My kids love him too! Highly recommend.

L DAVIS ★★★★★

Geino is amazing!! Not only did I go in for a haircut, I got a stellar beard trim, an awesome scalp massage and shoulder massage…he has great energy to be around, also ask him about his fabulously amazing teas. He is a unicorn!!


Geino is amazing, not only at hair but as a person! The individual attention he gives and quality of cut is unlike a hair “chain” shop! Always up on trends and can cut and style any head of hair!! Highly recommend this dude!

JACOB F ★★★★★

Geino does a great job in cutting both my and my son’s hair. Always friendly, and always looks good. What else can you ask for?


Geino is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I have such trust in him that I let him do whatever he wants every time I go to have my hair done. He has a wonderful eye to bring out the inner magic in anyone! Worth it every single time!

DANIEL F ★★★★★

I have been getting haircuts and beard trims exclusively from Geino for almost 5 years. He’s knowledgeable and talented at his craft. I love that he just “gets me” – all I have to do is describe the vibe I’m going for and he knows exactly what to do. He’s a pro at beards and shaving too – getting a straight razor shave is like a day at the spa! Above all else, Geino is a kind, generous, and all-around good human being – and that’s evident whether he’s cutting your hair or just chatting with you in passing. Book him when he has an opening!

LAY LOW ★★★★★

I have been going to get my haircut from Geino since I first moved to Portland. He does a great job, has great attention to detail and is a lovely human being. Highly recommend!

D C ★★★★★


KAZUKI U ★★★★★


MATEO ★★★★★


TIM B ★★★★★


KELLY B ★★★★★


MARLYS M ★★★★★


OLIVER L ★★★★★


HUB5555 ★★★★★


CEARA C ★★★★★


CHRIS LU ★★★★★










LANA R ★★★★★


WILL F ★★★★★


AROWYN ★★★★★


KEYON A ★★★★★


YESIM T ★★★★★



We love our barber Genios! The entire family looks forward to our appointments! He does amazing artistic side cuts and shaves. My kids adore him. I have three teenagers and they refuse to go anywhere else but Geinos every time. My husband looks absolutely amazing when he comes out of his appointments with Geinos. I kid him and tell him his hair is total “stork bait” when he comes out. I get butterflies in my stomach because he looks and smells so handsome. He looks forward to his hair appointment because Geinos isn’t just a barber, he is a friend and they always have interesting insightful conversations. Geinos does a hot towel wrap for men’s beards that absolutely melts my husband, weeks of hard work and stress disappear after time in his chair! His hair looks great, he is relaxed and he feels likes he’s been visiting with an old friend for an hour. We all do! My kids ask for Geinos by name and are willing to wait if it means getting to sit in his chair. He is a true artist. My favorite treat is having him shave designs into an under shave. I just ask him to do what ever he is inspired to-and I get insane complements from other customers waiting in the shop. He takes time to get to know you and sometimes you get a bonus picture for his Instagram- that makes you feel really special. He is an amazing barber. I’d give more stars if possible! Don’t wait, make an appointment because you will love them too.


Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be with the help of Geino. Everyone has hair goals or admires girls that have the guts to do something outrageous or unique with their hair. Geino has helped me accomplish my hair goals and given me the confidence to go with it. I’m actually licensed for hair so you could say I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to someone doing my hair. I no longer have to worry. Geino has exceeded my expectation every time and the styles I ask for aren’t anything for a plain Jane. I had been coloring my hair black for years until I finally decided I wanted to have some fun and go full on silver! Most stylist wouldn’t even dare to do that task because black is the hardest color to leave. Especially when you’re trying to accomplish something that’s so light. Black is a level 1. In order to be silver I need to lighten my hair all the way to a level 10! It’s risky business to lighten your hair so drastically in a short period of time but he did it! Mind you! My hair is still silky and soft and I can’t leave the house without out people going out of their way to tell me how fabulous my hair is. Geino‘s is the best hair dresser I have ever encountered. There’s literally nothing he can’t do. I swear when your not
Looking he whips out a magic wand and does the unimaginable! Truly a miracle worker and a delight to be around. I look forward to visiting him every month. He treats me like a princess, always smiling, and amazing energy. Book today with Geino. Life’s too short for boring hair. It’s time to add some color to your life.

CELINA D ★★★★★

ASH L ★★★★★

Geino was fantastic! Did an amazing all over color, root touch up, and beautiful styling afterwards! He really goes the extra mile making you feel special and pampered! Great conversation, wonderful environment and location. The products they use are excellent and my hair and scalp felt fantastic for days afterwards as well. Geino is definitely a gem in this city and has found a great spot to call home! I recommend Geino and Rudy’s to all my family and friends

CHRIS H ★★★★★


ERIK A ★★★★★


ROBERT N ★★★★★


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