Geinos Cut

Haircut for Everyone Any Length $40

Geinos Special

Shave/Beard Shape w/Cut $75

Blow Out/Iron Style w/Cut $75

Bald Fade

Haircut w/Razor Fade $45

Head Shave

Straight Razor Shave w/Hot Towels $40

Face Shave

Straight Razor Shave w/Hot Towels $45


Clipper Length Only $25

Beard w/Line Up

Clipper Work w/Straight Razor Line-Up w/Hot Towels $30

Undercut Hair Carving Design

Design w/Razor $35

All Over Color

Natural Hair Color Roots to ends $125 and up

Root Re-Touch

Natural Hair Color Roots Only $105

Hair Color Correction

Correct any color mishap. Erase color. Re-balance highlights. Remove unwanted tones.


Fashion Color

Vibrant Colors Requiring Pre-Lightening Double Process $205 and up

Bleach and Tone

Hair Lift w/Toner $125 and up

Partial Foil

Partial Hair Foiling $145

Full Foil

Full Hair Foiling $185


Hair Painting w/Toner $185

Color Sealing

Prolong hair color without fading and smooth out the texture all in one. Color Sealing is a treatment that will condition your hair while keeping your hair color vibrant and fresh. An innovative post color treatment locking in color and boosting shine. You will sustain your color for a longer period of time with color sealing.

Color Boost

Now you can boost or add tones to your hair color quickly. Increase the intensity of your color vibrancy. No ammonia. No peroxide, No alcohol. Just color in approximately 30 minutes depending on hair length.


Blow Out

Wash & Blow Out w/Iron Work $50

Brazilian Blowout

Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle for up to 12 weeks!

Cezanne Smoothing Keratin Treatment

Classic- Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, workout or pull back with clips or a ponytail! You’ll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair.

Instant Frizz Eliminator- Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator Treatment is an ultra-fast, spray-in smoothing treatment that brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition “in an instant,” without damaging the hair or using dangerous chemicals.

Ultimate Blonde- For Ultimate Smoothing and Toning in one! The Perfect Match! The smoothing you expect from the Cezanne Classic Treatment with blue-violet hues to reduce unwanted warm tones for the ultimate silky, shiny, dazzling blonde.

Express- Using Cezanne Express with every color visit improves the health and appearance of the hair by infusing a rich proprietary blend of keratin, aloe, botanical extracts, vitamins, and soybean oil. Cezanne Express, a safe alternative that is quick, easy and a fraction of the cost of a full keratin treatment.


Framesi Reparative Treatment

A restructuring treatment service with steam that fills in broken ends and deeply repairs hair fibers. Hydrolyzed marine collagen and pearl proteins, combined with hydrating hyaluronic, silicone and vitamin E thickens and re-compacts the hair surface, instantly transforming your hairs textures.

Framesi Morphosis Dry Hair Treatment

3 Step Hydrating Treatment with steam! Instant visible results with accelerated moisturizing technology. Conditioners fill damaged areas in your hair caused by everyday elemental breakage and previous chemical services. Closes, conditions and seals moisture into your hair. No heat required, color safe and weightless.


Framesi Smoothing Treatment

Framesi Smoothing System is science, technology, and nature for a treatment that uses the protective and reparative properties of Kerasea Complex, an innovative pool of powerful ingredients that fight frizz, nourishing and repairing keeping hair hydrated, shiny and conditioned. Framesi Smoothing System protects the hair from humidity and external agents. Results will last 12 weeks or longer with the hair gradually returning to its natural texture.


GK Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Looking for a vegan smoothing solution for your hair? Try the GK Hair Vegan Hair Treatment, a keratin treatment that has been developed to serve the smooth straight hair audience. This treatment lasts for up to 4-6 months, leaving your hair soft, smooth and manageable. GK hair treatment delivers extraordinary results on every hair type and texture minimizing the curl and frizz with maximum results. This formula is safe to use on color-treated hair without disrupting your hair color results. Keratin locks in deep hydration taming flyaways and frizz reinforcing strands for added strength and improving the overall condition of the hair preventing degradation for a continual flawless look.


Keune Silk Protein Permanent Straightening

Keune Hair Silk Protein + Straightener straightens and loosens curly hair leaving it smooth and manageable. It contains cationactive Phyto Keratin [K+] and Silk Protein, leaving the hair beautiful and shiny. Cationactive Keratin [K+], which restores the natural hair structure for softer and stronger hair.


Express Blowdry Silk Treatment

A frizzy hair treatment that can eliminate flyaways and frizz without damaging your hair. This is a leave in treatment solution that creates a protective layer of anti-static shine. This is a deep deep conditioning treatment that will last up to 10 washes.

Hair Extensions

Hair Additions one or two Tracks or a Full Weave w/Braid and Thread Method. Lasts 4 to 6 Weeks depending on wear.






Eyebrow Wax $15

Facial Waxing $35

Neck Wax $30


Hair Styled Up/Curled/Braided/Rolled $80

Permanent Wave

Standard Rod or Spiral Traditional $90 and up

Curl Cult Texture Wave

Pea protein and plex technology locks texture and wave into the inner cortex layer of the hair. Rich in amino acids leaving hair soft and hydrated. $185 and up