It’s a strange time in the world. Some would say even a dark time. None of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetimes. We are all ultimately going through this together. What we learn about COVID-19 we are experiencing with each other day by day. When it comes to hair and COVID we barbers and stylists are all just figuring it out as well. Returning to the hair industry for all of us has been an undertaking of sensitivity, consideration and safety. In some cases even our techniques are being adjusted. Many jobs, including stylists, were faced with the question of what is essential and what is non-essential. I have learned throughout this pandemic process just how essential our work can be. It’s not just the haircut, the hair coloring or the beard trims that are essential, but the contact, the interaction, the valuable conversation and the love. We need to check in.

“To create without feeling would suggest that we are simply robots behind a chair providing the service of a machine without a heart.”

Geino Äotsch

Many people are not completely ready to be out in the world and much less prepared to sit in a barber chair not knowing whether they are walking into a safe environment. Some of us can’t hold back another minute! This journey is individual for all of us. The only thing we can truly do is take one step at a time and be proactive in protecting ourselves and one another. As a barber and a stylist, I am committed to taking precautions for my clients and everyone in the space that we share in the shop and in the world. I am here to hold your hand and your hairs through this entire walk we’re on. From the beginning to wherever we land we can still show up looking good.

Knowing that this is an astronomical time for all of us, the widespread pandemic has opened the door for many of us to find new ways to achieve our goals. For some of us a trip to the salon is exactly what we need. For others, the best option has been a visit from their barber to their home. A practice that was happening long before Martha Matilda Harper opened her first Hair Parlour in Chicago in 1893. I am a freelance artist and mobile barber and together we can make this happen for you. If you’re just not ready to get out into the world let me come to you! We can follow the same necessary COVID-19 guidelines to protect you and even cut or color your hair outside.

Hair is an essential service to many of us and most certainly to my livelihood; speaking as a hairdresser in the industry for over 20 years. I’m not talking about money, although also necessary for survival- it is actually only one very small part of the picture. Hair is also our connection to one another through conversation and affection and a way to get all of us feeling better in a time of sweeping emotions and doubt. Let me help you with your hair. If I’m not your person yet, I’d love to be. If you have someone already, give them a call. It’s time to get us all feeling better again carefully. Let’s stay safe and protect one another out there! Believe me when I say, “I want to do your hair.”

I Want to Do Your Hair (Original Cut)

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I Want to Do Your Hair (ET’s Freaks Cut)
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