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Recently I was given the opportunity to represent Geinos. This reminds me of what I got started in the hair industry for… taking care of others. A senior resident center in Portland, OR offered me the chance of a lifetime. Taking care of 24 of their seniors outdoors in the fresh air. All of the residents are tested and COVID-19 free; myself included. The operations team and manager Jenny did an impeccable job of keeping everyone safe. Limiting contact with the outside world increased the honor for this gift of service. By being one of the select few we were able to offer kindness, a haircut, style and a little facial waxing to support our neighbors in the community.

Following all COVID-19 preventative guidelines we assisted and cared for everyone safely. What a way to create a fun environment that was healthy and effective! Feeling good about the bodies we’re moving around in is an integral part of being alive. Knowing that we can work together as a team to make this happen for so many people in need, restores my faith in humanity. Acts like these are a genuine confirmation that big hearted generous people still exist. Let’s make a difference in the lives of others!

If you or someone you know has a need for an activity like this within your community to help folks who are immune compromised, vulnerable or just desperate for a trim- call, text or email me. If you don’t have the finances to afford a good haircut I am your hair person. Let’s start a charity. It would be an honor to accommodate in whatever way that I can. Let’s help our friends and loved ones feel better. That’s what this business is all about, helping others to feel and look like their best selves! I can come to you. I am mobile and I have the time, love, conversation and gentle consideration to offer this experience.

Please reach out to me by clicking on the ‘Contact Geinos’ button below. Together we can start a fundraiser and offer precision cuts at a low cost through community outreach. We can help the world look and feel better in the safest way possible by creating a donation drive to give haircuts to those in need. What could feel better than that? Especially now in this unprecedented time, we can keep the desire for living our lives and supporting one another in the present if we sprinkle in some joy. Feeling good and looking for that silver lining is a positive way of coping through this pandemic together. Look… I even got to cut a mullet! My favorite.

When the world is down, hair is one of the simplest things we can do to pick ourselves back up. Let’s feel as good as we can! Image and how people receive us means so much. We are currently living in a world where it can be awkward or even frightening to hug one another. Hiding under a necessary mask to protect ourselves also prevents us from sharing our smiles every day. Although this important protective element may be holding us back, having good hair can certainly make us all feel a whole lot better!

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